Our Solutions
We provide all possible solutions that help you make the best use of Excel. Mentioned below are some examples of what we do and how our solutions can help you:

  • Automate Manual, Repetitive or Laborious Work
    Any activity which involves a lot of human or manual effort has a great opportunity for automation. This is one area which can attract maximum direct cost-saving in your company. You can reduce the repetitive activities your team is involved in and utilize their skills in expanding your business further.
    Take an example: There is a team of 5 people who enter a specific data in specific format and some pre-defined conditions to make one consolidated report that has data entered by all 5 employees. The terms and conditions with each employee's data set is different and so is the format. All these employees have specific steps to follow and they bring all their data in one final format which is then consolidated to make the final report. A typical activity like this is prone to a lot of human errors and inefficiencies. However, we can always automate such activities such that a click of a button get all job done.

  • Better Business Information - Charts and Dashboards
    OK, so you have systems in place but you want more business analytics in form of charts and awesome dashboards. What we have experienced is that of late, a lot of senior leaders in various companies have started demanding for Excel dashboards over PowerPoint presentations when they want to see a blend of presentation and view different scenarios while evaluating these scenarios on the go.
    We design awesome looking spreadsheets with a lot of analytics for your business that help you grow your business and take right decisions in your business matters.

  • Start-ups
    The initial phase of the business is the best time when you can set the systems right. We have worked with a lot of start-ups and have learnt that a clean page is much easier to work with than the one that has something already scribbled on it.
    We have the capability of setting up robust and powerful systems by making prudent use of Excel which will go a long way for you.

  • Training Employees
    You know that your team can better if they are trained in Excel. We have certified trainers in different fields in Excel. Unlike traditional training models where trainers have fixed topics to discuss (whether they might be relevant or not), we provide a completely customized training in Excel whereby employees are trained on the kind of data that they deal with. In order to make it better, we first understand the kind of work people do and what they expect out of our training and then prepare our module for them.

Mentioned above are only a few ways to connect to your thoughts. In reality, much we do much more.

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